Geneological Information

Believe it or not, there are some folks out there who have an interest in the family of folks who have something to do with the name 'Riper,' whether it's spelled 'Rieper,' 'Van Ripen,' or even 'van de Rjpe.'

Musical Musings

This author of this page has some ideas regarding sound (and beyond) that might be deemed "fascinating" to some people. Then again, they might just be plain stupid. Anyway, as a composer, this author has some exploration to carry out, and wouldn't mind mentioning some of his ideas for those who have an interest. Unfortunately, he hasn't had time to really type out his ideas online, but oh well...

Personal Information

Some people might be interested in the author. Then again, maybe not.


These aren't necessarily mythologies in a religious sense, but considerably more bizarre and perhaps more entertaining. As the pages develop, links will be created to them. In some way, I've participated in all of these, or had an interest in them.