HTMLArchive is no in active development, and currently does not enjoy a stable release. Still, I'm currently using it (in fact, I used it to help generate this page), and I felt others might find it handy, too.

If you have needs that this program looks like it should address but doesn't, please let me know. I've tried to design this program to be fast, simple to work with, and relatively easy to extend. For that matter, if you have extended this program, please share the code; I'm sure others would appreciate the effort.

HTMLArchive is released under the GPL, except in states where the UCITA has been ratified, in which case you may not use this at all.


HTMLArchive-0.64.tar.gz (40447 bytes)


Fixed a bug where directories were executing HTMLArchive within a path having a '.' character led to an infinite loop eventually resulting in a core dump.

Change Log:

HTMLArchive: 0.64
HTMLArchive: 0.63
HTMLArchive: 0.62
HTMLArchive: 0.61
HTMLArchive: 0.6
HTMLArchive: 0.5

For more information about HTMLArchive (or, perhaps, clarification on how it works), please contact Trey Van Riper.

My Freshmeat entry may also help you keep up to date.

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